Bespoke Solutions for

Global Business



We offer bespoke solutions for global business. Whether you are a startup raising capital or an established industrial conglomerate we are perfectly placed to advise you on your emerging market strategy & planning, PR & communications, market analysis or investment planning.


Our experienced team has in-depth know-how and vast contact network to key decision makers in the new rising economic powers to expedite your business requirements.


Strategic expansion in emerging markets

Establishing a direction for your business in emerging market by assessing both where you are at the moment and where you should be going.

Building a strategic plan to reach your goals and advising how to get there by minimizing expenses and maximising profits.


Comprehensive market analysis which identify the target markets, analyze the market characteristics and provide information about the potential competitors.

In-depth business intelligence about the targeted business sector, consumer behavior, competitor strategy and law & regulations.

Extensive research and data analyzation.

Essential for any emerging market business plan.


Strategic communication know-how and expertise that builds mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and the public.


Creating a positive image and awareness for your company, product, service or a member of your organization in the emerging markets.

Complex communications challenges and crisis communications.

Building political campaigns and social media management expertise for the developing world.


Identifying the right emerging-market investment opportunities and finding investors in turning the opportunities to real business. From small ventures to large industrial and infrastructure projects.


Building solid business cases backup up by comprehensive business and financial plans.


Helping startups in raising capital and sharpen their emerging market strategy.